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Mindful Chef Subscription Box Review

Mindful Chef is the well reputed healthy and balanced recipe food subscription box company. We deliver fresh and nutritious pre-portioned ingredients and tasty recipes to our customers every week throughout the nation. Now feel free from the hassle of what should the recipe of dinner tonight.

The UK’s most preferred recipe box based on the reviews of public on Trustpilot Mindful Chef will never disappoint you by sending the refined and processed carbs like white bread and white pasta rather you can fill your customized boxes with the quality and healthy ingredients which are suitable-for-you.

Authors of Independant’s number 1 healthy cook book Eat Well, Live Better has beensss sort out balanced boxes for yourself that prominent the rank of Mindful Chef from the remaining. To live healthy order your first box today. The features are

  • A selection of tasty and nutritious recipes from all over the world
  • Change boxes every week on the basis of your choice
  • Prepare healthy and balanced meals in less than 30 minutes
  • Customized options like gluten free, dairy free and vegan options are available

There is no compulsory terms and conditions for order. You can pause or even cancel your deliveries any time you want.

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Easy Steps to Get Cheap Motorbike Insurance

Are you looking for cheap motorbike insurance?

If you own a motorbike and travel on the road you should have motorbike insurance. Traveling without insurance is illegal and can put you in big trouble. Motorbike theft is also big business in the UK, so you may be a little reluctant to get your insurance.

Found? Okay, now let’s focus on finding the best deal for you. There are many ways to reduce the quality of your motorbike insurance without compromising.

First Step is to Decide the Cover You Need

Everyone’s needs are different and a cover that fits your fellow biker may not fit you. Make sure you understand what the different types of cover offer are. That way you can be the best judge for what you want rather than the insurance broker on the other end of the phone.

Here are the types of covers you can get. Remember, insurance policies are different so make sure you check all the terms and conditions before signing the dotted line.

Third party only

This is the basic type of motorbike insurance you can get. Motorcycle Insurance This covers you against damage to third party property and / or themselves in the event of a collision. It pays nothing to fix your bike or for injuries you suffered due to a crash. In short, the person you ided with will be financially covered, but you will be on your own. Even if your bike is stolen or set on fire (it happens!) Your ‘Third Party Only’ cover will pay nothing for retrieving or repairing your bike.

Third Party Fire & Theft

These Terms apply with ‘Third Party Only’ cover, except for this insurance policy, which must be paid if your bike is stolen or set on fire.

Completely comprehensive

It is the most expensive type of cover because it provides the most security. This covers third parties and their property, preventing your bike from being stolen or set on fire and causing any damage to your bike.

Modified and customized bikes

Motorcycle Insurance If your motorbike is modified or customized in any way, shape or form, you must notify your insurance company. If you do not sue, your cover may be considered invalid.

Some insurance companies do not touch modified or customized bikes with barge poles. Edits are not always focused on security so you can understand where they are coming from. See Bennett, DeWitt or Bike Insurance from Carol Nash if your bike is modified. They have their limitations, but these guys are experts in the modified field and can help.

Second Step is to Use Tips to Save Money

Reduce your motorbike insurance costs with these simple tips:

Park in the Garage – Insurers prefer to keep bikes in a safe place, instead of sitting pretty and vulnerable on the side of the road. Park in your garage and some insurance companies will reduce your fee by 10%.

Set Alarm – According to motorbike insurance companies, Bennett is responsible for 40% of motorbike insurance claims. Shocking eh? If you install a good, recognized alarm / immobilizer, you can get up to 10% off your insurance cost. Thacham safety devices are highly respected by insurance companies, and can also be purchased on eBay (make sure it works perfectly before you buy).

Take a riding course – Completing an advanced riding course will reduce the amount of insurance you have to pay. See the Institute of Advanced Motorists website for information on their approved courses.

Reduce how far you travel – low mileage equals cheap insurance.

Go for voluntary extras – you will be more willing to pay less for your premium rate.

Remove your pillion – If you travel without a pillion (passengers) the insurance companies will give you a cheaper contract.

Keep a clean license – A clean license guarantees insurers that you are not responsible. So keep it clean!

Shop around – always go on different shops and never ever don’t go for the first motorbike insurance which you find. There are so many great companies competing for your business and there are tons of comparison websites that do all the searches for you. Get started and compare both MCNs who can find you great.

Take care of your bike – keep your bike in good condition and you will have less to claim anytime. No claim is equivalent to cheap insurance and there is no additional fee.

Step Three is to Shop Around

There are good reputable motorbike insurance companies out there, so you don’t have to wait for a choice. These guys are accustomed to meeting the demands of bikers so they can handle it no matter what your situation. See Bennett, DeWitt, Carol Nash, Gokompare and Motorcycle Direct.

Learn to be awkward. Get a quote, and then shop to see if you can beat it. If you find a company that is willing to charge you less, take their quote to the actual company you quoted and see if they beat it. You can save yourself a few hundred pounds by shopping.

Step Four is Insurance Lingo

You can insure about anything today and at any age. Football players insure their legs, singers insure their throats, Dolly Parton is rumored to have insured her, ahem… you get the point. Every insurance policy is different but some key phrases usually always pop up.

Understanding these phrases is key to having an insurance understanding. Learn what they mean and you will be well prepared to identify a good deal (see Step 1 for different types of insurance).

Premium – The amount you pay each month (or year) for your motorbike insurance.

Mandatory Extra – The amount you pay on any claim. For example, say your mandatory extra 200. If you say 3,000, you have to pay the first £ 200 and your insurance company will cover the remaining 8,800. So before agreeing to any deal, make sure you are happy with the high amount you have to pay.

Voluntary Extra – Most insurance companies will lower your premium rate if you volunteer to pay a higher amount. So your mandatory extra may be £ 200, but if you offer to pay 500, your premium will be reduced. This is a great way to get the cheapest motorbike insurance, but you will need to fork more when you need to make a claim.

Claims-free bonus – If you travel for a while and never claim, you should get less insurance. You are sometimes allowed to save the bonus on your claims by paying a small extra on your premium. If you claim that way, you will not lose the bonus of your claims. There are usually limits to how often you can claim, so check before committing.

You need to ask more questions

Before signing up for any contract, make sure you know the answers to these questions:

Do you have a multi bike policy (i.e. you are insured on more than one bike).

Can you really insure more than one rider on the same bike?

Do you have insurance to go abroad on your bike?

Can you buy extra cover? (E.g. helmet and leather insurance, broken cover).


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Decrease Your Outgoings and Save Money On Outgoings?

Decrease Your Outgoings and Save Money On Outgoings?

Many people think about the ways to decrease their outgoing.

This is very much familiar cry from the millions of people who have sucked up their economy in recent years. It’s not an easy task: you have to do what you can and work on what you need to keep in your budget. You also have an option to have them available so that you can answer your questions whenever you are feeling some sort of uncertainty about your suit.

Fortunately, there is another way to balance the household budget, which is much less painful. We can show you how to reduce your outgoing in the right way.

Know About Your Need

When looking to minimize your outgoing, you need to establish what you can live without. See the value of money you are getting from direct debits and regular payments that leave your account. What are they for? Do you really need these things?

Most of the time the answer is yes – especially if you are paying off debts or paying the required insurance premiums. However, if you do not review these payments for a while, you may get a better deal elsewhere.

Here are some tips on how to reduce your direct debits:

If you pay for more than one magazine subscription in your home, would you like to subscribe right away? For 99 7.99 per month you can get enormous monthly magazines downloaded up to five devices.

If you pay for Sky or Virgin Media TV, do you get full value from all your channels? Can you downgrade to fewer channels? Can you switch to free view instead? Have you recently looked at Amazon Prime or Netflix? Do you think that you cannot switch to watch programs and movies that are in demand?

If a gym subscription is coming from your account, are you using it enough to justify the cost? Can you downgrade it to an off-peak membership or would you be better off at a cheap gym that offers items you use regularly? Find out great ways to reduce your gym membership costs here.

If you have a mobile phone payment every month, check how long you are running until your contract expires. Anyone whose contract expires will have to pay extra for their phone – even if they have already repaid the cost in full. If you want to keep your current phone for a while, you can switch to the cheapest SIM only deal. Meanwhile, those who want to upgrade their phone and stick with the full deal can still save money by shopping. See our guide on reducing your mobile cost.

If you pay your bills via direct debit, there will also be a monthly cost of essentials coming from your account. However, just because they are mandatory, does not mean that the costs will be determined.

Since insurers increase your premiums every time, do not let any insurance policy go for another year. It is always worthwhile to shop for new car insurance and home insurance.

Similarly, do not let your power contract go from the special offer to the standard rate when the contract ends: it is usually too expensive. For everything you need to know, read our guide to changing energy providers. We will take you through the rest of process by which you can save more than hundreds of pounds per year. You can also compare energy prices and find the best one for you.

It is also worth considering how to reduce the cost of car insurance.

Be Ruthless

Once you are gone through all the easy and painless things, then it’s time for you to think beyond your comfort zone. Always consider whether some things that are actually seems like part of the furniture could go – at least for the current time.

The more simple change of all is to give up the brands at the specific supermarket.  Almost many of us have forgotten why we always choose the same brands and in many cases we’re paying double the price of the supermarket’s own brand and this is a big disaster to the budget. The cars you don’t like, you can trade them back up and those you get on with, you can keep that one. You can cut out 25% of your bills even if you keep half of the swaps.

If you have parted with grocery brands, then it’s definitely worth trying a discount supermarket. These are the most cheapest as compared to the big four, and given that they are winning a number of exciting awards at the same moment, you may discover you like them more too. If you want to have more tips then check out the article on saving money on the groceries.

Once you made the easy change, then challenge yourself to consider tougher things or to do difficult things – like the question of whether you really need to have two cars. You can save a small fortune by just having one, or downsizing to a smaller and cheaper second vehicle. If you are the one who don’t use car much mean only use the car two times in a week, then the sharing economy could help you save money. Always check out for articles on alternatives to owning a car. Holidays are actually full of complexity. These are neither fun nor comfortable. However, if you do not have the funds at it, it is not worth it to go into debt, you can still get out at a lower cost. Leave your resort and your inclusive deal and consider low cost flights (see our guide to getting the cheapest flights), Airbnb property and self catering. If you book in advance (follow for news when airlines release cheap flights on Facebook and Twitter) you may be halfway away.

And don’t forget the daily expenses, it really increases. The average Brit spends £ 5 per meal per working day, which costs more than 1,000 per year. You do not have to give up all at once: if you have a special treat on Fridays or a good coffee on Monday morning, you can put them on. Bring meals from home for the days when you are buying a bog-standard boring sandwich


Be Environment Friendly

Always be aware of your environment because it not only makes you feel good about yourself, but it also helps you to get savings.

Respect the food and do not waste it. According to the Love Food Hate Waste, we actually throw away a third part of the food that we buy and it is actually a great number. For a load of information, always see different ideas on how to use those leftovers and save up to 50 per month.

The other good way that can minimize your outgoing and at the same time be eco-friendly is to install a water meter (you think there are more bedrooms in your home). This a great way by which you can decrease the big amount of water you use and save your money. Here are some ways to save:

Get your clothes washed at 30 బ instead of 40 మరియు and drive the wheel only if you have a full load – usually one wheel consumes 95 liters of water.

Take more showers as compared to baths. According to Water wise, almost one-third of the bath water uses a shower (unless it is a power shower).

Always use the dishwasher! It uses 15-20 liters of water as compared to the hand washing used between 60 and 70 liters. This trick only works if you scratch the plates rather than rinsing them before going into the dishwasher and only running when you have the wheel full. If you are few in numbers or have a small family then you may also want to consider investing in a small dishwasher.

Turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth and prevent water from being wasted.  It wastes up to nine liters of water per minute if you keep the tap on while brushing.

Now for the most important bit: According to Save Water Save Money, if you decrease your water consumption by 20 liters per day, then you will save £ 25 per year which is a big number. If you want to have more ideas like this, look at 50 Ways to Save Money by Being Green because it be really helpful for you.

You can also reduce your outgoing bills while reducing your energy bills by following these simple tips:

Do not use a tumble dryer; you can dry your clothes for free in an air conditioner / radiator outside in the summer or indoors in the winter.

Get timers for your plugins so that things always turn on and off when you want.

Get a smart meter, which monitors your usage and shows you habits that waste energy. We all know, for example, that for a cup of tea we only need to boil the water we need – and keep the kettle drained. However, until you see your kettle eating electricity, it is easy to forget our best intentions.

Make sure your home is well insulated. See our home insulation article. In our article about reducing your heating bills we have provided very quick solutions to cold drafts in your home. Here you can find out if you are eligible for an insulation grant.

Get Your Money Saved By Switching

We have proven that you can slow down your outgoing a bit without doing most of what you want and love.

We looked at how much the average family can save by reducing their costs. The average family expense for insurance is:

Building Insurance – 4 124 per year

Subject Insurance – 8 138 per year

Car insurance – 4 484 per year per vehicle

Total – 46 746 per year (higher if you have life insurance or private medical insurance).

If you follow our advice and reduce your other expenses, you will stand to save more than this. Even if you only follow a few tips, your savings are:

Switch from Top End Sky Package to Free View and Netflix – Save 50 850 per Year

Turn your groceries into a supermarket own brand – save 90 690 per year

Bring your own meals to work four days a week – save 80 780 per year

Save water – up to 25 per year

Save energy – up to 300 per year

Total savings = 6 2,645

So, there you have it. Follow some of the ideas we came up with and you can save more than 1,000 without giving up really valuable items.



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Second Hand Bike-They key to staying fit on a Budget

Look around my friends the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming because the wait is over and summer is finally here. And as all years we promise ourselves to be more active and to live a healthy lifestyle this year.

There are a number of options to choose from you can go for a jog, you can go hiking, you can take up some outdoor sports or you can just buy a bike and enjoy the rest of the summer. You might be thinking bikes are expensive and you are right that’s why you will be buying a used bike. You will be amazed how much cheap you can get them second hand. Just search ebay, craigslist or your neighborhood. Many people sell their bikes for a very cheap price because they don’t ride it anymore and they just want to get rid of it. As long as you don’t care about having the latest edition bike, you should have no problems in getting a good deal.

Biking is a Great way to be Healthy and Spend Time with Your Family

If being healthy is your primary goal then half an hour of workout everyday is not much of a problem. But a recent study found out that people don’t give up exercising because they can’t keep up with the physical demand but simply because they get bored . it’s the same routine everyday, same place same treadmill.

But if you get a bike you can easily solve this problem. Imagine cycling in your city or town for half an hour. You can run small errands, you can meet up with your friends or you can just go out for some fresh air. You won’t even notice the time fly by and in the end you will be left feeling like I can do a little more.

Owning a bike (or bikes) is also a great way to spend time with your kids. You can all ride together in a group and go for ice cream or just to do some exploring of the city or town you live in. This will help you stay fit and bond with your kids at the same time.

Winter is Coming!

After every summer there comes a time we call winter (what a profound thought), and during this time it is not easy going out let alone go biking. So should you do to stay healthy and fit? One option is to invest in an indoor exercise bike. Since, you will be biking all summer it will be a little easier for you to keep doing this exercise on a regular basis.

There is a wide range of these exercise-bikes in the market some are very advanced and sophisticated and some are basic and simple. Search for the used ones and find out which one suits your needs and your budget. A friendly advice, before buying any exercise machine always takes the size of the room into consideration first. I learned it the hard way

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Are you a Hoarder? Then Start Swapping.

When I look around my house I see overflowing drawers, cupboards filled to their max capacity and a garage that barely has any space left for our car.

But once in a while when I do clean up the house and get rid of the old stuff I get an amazing feeling that I cannot describe in words. It’s like I have conquered Mount Everest (okay may be I am exaggerating a little). I don’t just throw out the stuff, I swap it. It makes the house look a lot clean and the process doing it is also fun.

So what is swapping? It is just like barter. You give something you don’t need in return for something you want. There are a lot of websites dedicated to this. They are easy to use so you shouldn’t have any problems.

Look around the house. Is there a stock of toys that your kids don’t play with any more? Swap it with something they like or maybe something you like. Have a pile of old books that nobody reads swap them with the ones that you might read. Look around the house anything that is not being used can be swapped with something more useful. If you are looking for something particular it might take some time but chances are you will find it. The best part of all of this is it doesn’t cost much. It’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s fun.

Do you know you are saving the planet every time you are swapping? It’s simple; every time you swap instead of throwing it away you are producing less garbage which in turn is good for the environment. So swap all you can.

Swapping is getting popular every day. Now people are organizing swap parties in which they swap designer commodities. You can find more information about them online. See if there are any swapping parties near you and try to attend them they can be a great place to meet other swappers.

Some people are not open to the idea of wearing clothes or shoes that have been worn by a complete stranger. It comes down to own personal beliefs if you feel comfortable in swapping clothes and shoes then do it by all means. If you are confused then just remember you don’t wear them the second you get your hands on them you wash them thoroughly first or give to the dry cleaners.


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Feeling lonely as a single parent? Here are some good tips on how to socialize!

Being a single parent is often associated with difficulties related to economic issues, being able to provide for your kid, being able to play both roles for him or even being able to follow all the hobbies and wishes they have.

Apparently, no one thinks of how this is also hard for the social part of the single parent’s life. You don’t have the other one to talk to while you take the Sunday walk; there is no other adult with you on your weekends out in the park. It seems sad…and it actually sometimes is. But luckily, there are so many things you can do to socialize with other single parent go out with them or even take vacations together.


Here are some useful links that can help you organize some fun times together with other single parents or even go in vacations with them:

  1. Visit Acorn Adventure to discover lots of low-cost holidays created for adventurous ones that include so many activities like different kinds of sports.
  2. Take a look at Single Parent Travel Club created not to make profits but to create a common place where single parents can meet and have some great time with other single parents. In fact, the membership fee is only £20 and once you become a member of the club, you can immediately get in touch with other club members that are looking forward to organize vacations together. Vacations are organized from the club and they include a wide range of activities for every kind of preferences.
  3. Another good option is to look at the services of Single Parents on Holiday that organize vacations in different countries taking care of choosing child friendly hotels and activities that can be enjoyed with the kids. Also, for a better relaxation time for the parents, the activities include some alone time in SPA, hiking, biking or other activities that can be made while children are left at the playground under supervision.
  4. Mango is also another holiday organizing agency for single parents. The founders are also singe parents and they understand perfectly well the needs of other single parents. They have brought this knowledge to use by creating a unique service that include activities such as skiing or climbing in groups as well as sunny vacations on the beach.

5.If you are looking for quiet small hotels where to reside for your vacations, you will find it through Small Families. The coordinators usually find family run hotels, nothing fancy but still very welcoming and especially with lots of spaces for children like playgrounds, gardens etc.

Nevertheless, even if you book your hotels directly from tour operators, do not forget to ask whether they have special programs or activities for single parents. This way, you can either fly or reside together with them and have even your kids play together.

  1. Single with Kids. Here, they organize simple yet fun trip that start from even less than £10 and aim to bring together large groups of single parents that can socialize and have fun together.



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Enjoy Autumn in 5 Free Ways

Autumn is here. The leaves are falling and so is the temperature. I just love the cool autumn evenings the sun is about to set, a cool breeze is slowly blowing off my face and I walk in the park kicking leaves here and there listening to the beautiful sounds they make. Let me just say it again I love autumn.

Whatever the season may be I try to enjoy it and I try to keep it simple or as I like to call it Free because you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money just to enjoy nature. Here I list 5 ways in which you can also enjoy autumn for free.

Leaf collage

Collect a bunch of beautiful leaves that have fallen on the ground. Make sure they are in good shape and condition. Then start setting them in different patterns. You can also make a collage according to their color, shape or size. You are just limited by your own imagination. You can also use Google and Youtube to get inspired.


No autumn will be complete without Conkers. Kids love collecting them and playing with them. You can take your kids to such an outing and you can also join them and have fun.


Apples in autumn taste even more delicious as compared to the rest of the year. So if you have some apple trees near you and you can legally pick them then you can go on an apple-picking trip. And with the apples you collect you can make some amazing things to eat Apple Pie being on the top of the list. You can also search the internet for a bunch of different recipes for a bunch of different dishes. Try



You know the weird pumpkin head lying around the house after Halloween. It’s time to put it to good use. Ok! May be not that particular one, that one needs to be thrown out but now since Halloween is over pumpkin prices will come down. So, turn those pumpkins into pumpkin soup\. It is delicious and it is healthy and no there will be no better time than this.


There is no better way to spend time with your family than to watch fireworks on an autumn night. At this time of the year, people in cities are gathered around a Bonfire enjoying fireworks. There are places from where you can go and watch them but if you are lucky enough to have a house with a view than you might just enjoy it from the comforts of your own home (balcony).



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Coupons Are For Everyone

Well not everyone may be. There is a 0.0002% population that consumes food only grown by them and uses tree bark to clean their teeth. So if you are one of them you can be pardoned.

But if not, I can quote here and reply every single excuse you can possibly think of for not using coupons. So here comes a list of usually said and used justifications I’ve heard over a good period by now.  Now is the time for me to try to clear your head of misconceptions and for you to give coupons a try.

Why buy junk food?

Not all coupons offer just junk or processed food. You can regularly find coupons offered for fresh produce, flour and milk as far as food items are concerned. Other regularly needed and bought items include toilet paper, shaving razors, tooth brushes, bulbs etc.

So chances are high that you’ll find coupons for number of items that you buy as every day needs. And as you’ll begin using coupons you’ll realize how awesome it is to get something at a much lower paid price than usual, all at the expense of finding and keeping a coupon.

If you try to incorporate coupon habit into your everyday life, like any other field you’ll develop proficiency in it too and you’ll find it easy to discover deals that give you something extra. If in case that extra is not your personal or your family’s choice you can give it away as donation or depending upon the item’s nature think of some other good use of it.

I did try but instead spent more than usual

Well there is a wrong and a right way to make use of coupons.

The wrong way is to gather coupons and use them all up on you trip to the store. Because what you do there is you buy expensive (or not expensive) things that you neither needed nor generally use so the whole point of saving money goes out of the window the very moment.

The right way might be slow but it definitely saves you money. The idea is to gather the coupons and then wait until either they hit the very low price limit and then use the coupon for it so you literally have to pennies for it or wait until you really need it.

I find it hard to take out time for coupon clipping practice

Well generally if we want to try something new we almost always have to forcibly carve out time for it. That is today’s lifestyle and it is very busy. So here is the math I did to find out how much time I spend on my couponing habit and how much is it worth. Upon my calculation when I spent an hour looking for and cutting out coupons it saved me somewhere around £30 to £50. To me it’s worth it for an hour of work.

You will not become a pro from the day one but with a little bit of patience and practice and you’ll find your own little tips and tricks that work for you while saving you good money.


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Top Free Apps to Make a Perfect Budget

Tracking your money is a very important task in your daily life. You have to track your money so that it
could help you to follow your budget effectively. As like everyone you would want to end your budget
according to your decided budget. So for that you have to keep a record of your spending on daily and
weekly basis so that if you get slip at any point you can get back on track in the following time. Tracking
your money helps you to calculate where you were out of budget and where you need to improve,
which expense you have to cut off and which you have to keep.
There are people who use to buy apps and pay companies to keep track of their spending and to get
informed about their budget. But what if you want to track a record of your payments and expenses and
you do not have much to pay to these companies or apps. If this is the case with you then I have a
solution for you. There are number of free apps that can be used to keep a track of your expenditures
and you can use them without giving a penny. As these apps will not be the same as of the paid one but
to some extent they will work like them. As in free apps you will not get some of the upgraded features
but you can get many of the basic tools that could be enough for you if you are working on an
intermediate level.
These apps and tools will help to track and plan your expenditures and it will help you to achieve your
money goals and saving goals in very short time. From these tools you could easily connect your bank
accounts, credit and debit cards, and investments account in to one app through any mobile or
computer that have an internet access that will help you manage all your accounts from one place. So
starting from the 1 st app,

1- You Need a Budget

You need a budget shortly and famously known as YNAB is one of the best app for budgeting purpose.
From this app you can learn to save money and to you can achieve your goals very fast. This app does
not only helps you in making a budget but it also teaches you money saving options and tricks. This app
does not work for free but it is free for college students for 1 and you can try them for free for 34 days
and if it really works for you, you can keep their services by paying them $84 a year. Their site claim that
first timer of budget making save almost $600 in the first two months on YNAB.
YNAB is a very easy to use app and is supported by every type of operating system. YNAB can be used on
multiple devices with a same account thus you and your spouse can look at the budget at any time. You
can connect your bank accounts, investment accounts to this app and calculate your income and you
can then easily create an effective budget.
YNAB money saving is based on four basic rules, the first one is give every dollar a job that means you
should plan your every dollar that where it would be spend and then mark that money to an expense.
The second one says that embrace your true expense that means you should save money for a big
expense you have to pay once a year or twice a year. By this it means that you should save money every
month from your budget for that expense so that you could easily pay in time to that. The third one is to

roll with the punches that states that if you are not able to succeed in a category then you should fill
that gap by saving from another category and putting it in to one which is in negative balance. The last
one is to age your money that means you should spend your money that is 30 days old as this will not be
easy in the start but you will roll with it and by this you would be free of any debt problem.

2- Personal Capital

Persomal capital is one of the best and famous app for tracking you spending. This platform can help you
to calculate your net worth in a very short time and you can manually look for you your worth by adding
the amount of your property cars and investment account on this app. This app helps you to connect all
your accounts on one place for example bank accounts, investment account and credit card or debit
cards etc. by this you are able to look in to your total worth you can calculate your total monthly, weekly
or yearly income for free. This app is the best option if you are prefer tracking even then budgeting.
Personal capital only charges you for using their wealth management service that is up to you that you
want to use it or not. If you have a dream of retiring as a person who is rich and financially well stabled
then this app can become a road map for you where you can plan according to your saving goal and
follow it. With all these tools this app has a personal investing tool that you can use when you think you
are ready to step in to investing money. By this you are able to get a lot of tools in one place and you do
not have to switch between different apps for different tools.

3- Google Sheets

To keep a record of your spending the simplest method is the best one sometimes because it helps you
put most of the information manually so you could be very much aware of everything you spend. These
sheets can be much better than putting everything on a paper and you can use an already made
template of google sheet or you can make your own one. In this case you will have to manually put all
the expense and income. Google sheets can be accessed from multiple device like laptops and cell
phones and when you allow permission to people to edit the sheets they can add changes and expenses
that means multiple can use a single sheet.

4- Every Dollar

In Every Dollar you assign every dollar you earn to a category in the budget. The system of Every Dollar
app is the same like the envelope system. The basic principle of this app to assign every category an
amount an whenever you spend in that category it should be deducted from that like the money
envelope system in which you put money in different envelopes and label them a category and
whenever you spend in that category you have to take money only from that envelope. If you are a
beginner then you can start with their template that is easy to use. If you want to use Every Dollar for
free you have to manually put your transactions in to the system but if you pay $130 a year you can

have this done automatically as the system will download your bank account, credit card and
transactions details.

5- Wally

Wally app is available for android and iOS system. Wally is one of the best free app because the free
version is ad-free and you can make in-app purchase that will upgrade your account and it will allow
your access to many free tools. In the free version you have to manually add your every transaction and
if you want to automate you have to pay $2 per year. The budget making is a fun task in Wally as you
can mark different colors to different categories. To keep a track of your money is also easy in this app
as you can even take pictures of the receipts.

6- True bill

True bill is another app that can be used to create a money saving budget, set new money saving goals
and to track your budget. One of the unique feature of true bill is that you can get free information on
how to cancel extra subscriptions. Bank accounts can be connected to this app like the other apps and
you can make a budget and track your spending. True bill has android and iOS apps that have many
extra features that you can use.

7- Mint

Mint is one of the most famous and oldest tool in business to help you in your budget making and
tracking steps. You can link your bank accounts, credit cards, and investment account with this app and
manage them on a single place you can even assign different categories an amount. The best feature of
this app is that they keep you alert about the due dates of your bills, your ATM fees. The app send you
an alert whenever an unusual and a bigger transaction is made. Thus it is easy to use and an effective
platform to create a money saving budget and to track your expenses.

So these were some of the top apps that helps you to make a budget that helps you to save money. Do
comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of making a budget and
tracking your expenses from these apps and let us know how much it worked for you and how much you
Have a good Day!

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Ways to increase your Budget Savings

Money saving is a tough job when you have a small budget. When your expenses are more than your
income then it becomes impossible task to save money but if you want to save more on a small budget
then this article is for you. Instead of completely taking out some expenditures from your budget you
can alter them slowly and make a habit and then it will turn out to be big amount after some time. It will
not be an easy task in the start but after some time you will get used to it. Today I will tell you about
some ways to cut off your extra spending so that you can increase your savings in your budget. Starting
from the 1st ,
1-Save you Bonus

Being an employer of some company receiving a bonus is termed a very big achievement and many
people like us spend this money in buying useless items. So if you are on saving mood then your first
priority should be to save an extra amount that you receive in a month that could either be a tax refund,
New Year bonus or any other amount that you find out from your old clothes or car while you are
cleaning them. If you receive a yearly increment in your pay then you should put that in to your 401 plan
so that your passive income source increases gradually and you could achieve financial stability faster
than you have thought.

2- Unsubscribe memberships

There are many subscriptions for that you have to pay every month automatically. For example if you
have a gym membership and your last visit to the gym was months ago then it is the time to quit this
membership. There are many other subscriptions like that. For instance if you are paying for Netflix
alone then you can share your account with someone because on Netflix you can use your account on 2
screens and if you pay an amount for your cable TV subscription and you do not even have time to
watch TV then you should skip this membership because paying hundred dollar monthly won’t affect
but when added up it becomes a big amount that can make a change. If you use TV just for some
episodes then you should also cancel your cable membership because you can most of the TV shows on
their mobile app for free. By making these little changes you can make a big difference in your budget
and can save $1000 a year easily.

3- Create a list before grocery shopping

Planned shopping is a good habit for your monthly budget. Before going to the grocery store for buying
stuff for your home you should make a list of items that you are going to buy. Make an exact list for
what you will need in the next week and then leave for store. When the list is ready try to find the
cheapest store and then do shopping. Strictly follow your list and try to buy the things you need. Making
a list is very important otherwise when you are shopping without a list you will be tempted towards
unnecessary items and there are chances you will forget to buy something that was useful. So list
making saves you another visit to store.
An extra tip for you is that you can use different apps that will pay you for scanning your grocery
receipts and you will be able to save a good amount of money.

4- Cook and eat at home

Drinking coffee from a restaurant or a store daily puts a very big effect on your monthly budget.
Although it takes a few amount of money but when you add up the whole amount of the month for this
habit this becomes a very big amount. So instead of drinking coffee daily from outside you should try to
make your coffee at home. Although it will seem to be a difficult task in the start but starting from twice
a week to thrice a week and then daily you will be able to save more and increase your savings section.
The same goes with your meals, when you work and most of the times you have to eat from outside
then this is an alarming situation for your budget because eating from your favorite food chains can cost
you a big amount. You try to cook a meal at home because in this way you will be able to save a very big
amount. If you cannot cook daily then you should first try to cook once or twice a week and then slowly
make a habit for daily cooking. If this is still not possible then cook a prep meal for yourself which you
can eat in the week.

5- Sell every extra thing

In the springs it is the best time to get rid of everything that you do not use. Sell every unused item,
every item that you do not use often or have not used it in a long time. Your clothes that you do not use
can give you a good amount of dollars that you can save. You can host a garage sale for selling every
extra item. Ask your neighbors to pay a visit in your garage sale. Start cleaning your house room by room
so you could get rid of every extra item that can sell. You can also sell your branded clothes on websites
like eBay. By doing this little activity every spring you can save a good amount of money.

6- Limit your shopping habit

To make a check at your shopping is a very important step in money saving process. Many a times you
are tempted to buy an item like an overcoat or a fancy jacket when you are in a mall. The thing you
should do is that you should not buy that item at that time but you should wait for at least 2 to 3 days.
By this you will understand if you really need that or not and it is really that important that you have not
forget it in these days. Now before buying always look for online coupons and promotions and print
them to the store to get discounts.
An extra tip for you is that you should do your shopping online because you can find a lot of offers
online. There are hundreds of apps and websites that can be used to get different types of offers and
discounts. You can also get cashbacks using them. So you should also look for that too.

7- Do it Yourself

By doing most of the things by yourself that you pay for can save you a good amount. Pinterest is
platform for the people who embrace Do it Yourself projects and you can find a lot of hacks from there
which you can use it in your daily life. You can get recipes to cook meal at your home by yourself to save
you the amount spent at a restaurant.

8- Use an App to Create and Handle your Budget

To make and handle a budget can be a tricky task if you are a beginner and you can overspend from your
budget. So to overcome this issue you can use budgeting apps that will help you to create a very
effective budget and also track your spending on daily weekly and monthly basis. By this you will be able
to track your spending and at the time if you overspend your app will help you to overcome the amount
by giving you some advice to cut expenses. You can use apps like Quicken and Mint for this.

So these were some of the methods to cut off some expenses and some more money in your budget.
Make sure you follow them to get a good amount for money saving. But you should be clear about why
are you saving this money so that you can achieve your goal fast. You should have a goal like buying a
new house, paying off your debt before time or buying a car. These goals help to be motivated towards
your goal and keeps you on the right path.

Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experiences of saving money by
trimming your expenses by methods stated above. Have a good day and best of Luck!

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