About Ben

Ben was first elected in 2015. He lives in the centre of Bath and has worked with the RUH and the Min for 6 years. Ben is passionate about championing local issues and believes that Bath requires a strong voice on issues which have been previously ignored. Whether it's the stalling transport system, the standard of care in the RUH, or the amount of school places for children in Bath, Ben knows that we need a local champion who can speak up for our city. 

Ben was formerly the National Chairman of Conservative Future in 2010, the youth wing of the Conservative party whereby he campaigned for better provisions and services for young people. He is passionate about improving employment opportunities for young people and public sector reform. 

Ben is a pragmatic conservative and he believes the majority of residents in Bath are equally as pragmatic. The majority of residents want an MP that will do the best for Bath, aside from political partisanship. He believes Bath needs a hardworking MP who champions local causes on the green benches of Parliament while visiting local markets, schools and community groups to find out the matters which matter to Bath's residents.