Are you a Hoarder? Then Start Swapping.

When I look around my house I see overflowing drawers, cupboards filled to their max capacity and a garage that barely has any space left for our car.

But once in a while when I do clean up the house and get rid of the old stuff I get an amazing feeling that I cannot describe in words. It’s like I have conquered Mount Everest (okay may be I am exaggerating a little). I don’t just throw out the stuff, I swap it. It makes the house look a lot clean and the process doing it is also fun.

So what is swapping? It is just like barter. You give something you don’t need in return for something you want. There are a lot of websites dedicated to this. They are easy to use so you shouldn’t have any problems.

Look around the house. Is there a stock of toys that your kids don’t play with any more? Swap it with something they like or maybe something you like. Have a pile of old books that nobody reads swap them with the ones that you might read. Look around the house anything that is not being used can be swapped with something more useful. If you are looking for something particular it might take some time but chances are you will find it. The best part of all of this is it doesn’t cost much. It’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s fun.

Do you know you are saving the planet every time you are swapping? It’s simple; every time you swap instead of throwing it away you are producing less garbage which in turn is good for the environment. So swap all you can.

Swapping is getting popular every day. Now people are organizing swap parties in which they swap designer commodities. You can find more information about them online. See if there are any swapping parties near you and try to attend them they can be a great place to meet other swappers.

Some people are not open to the idea of wearing clothes or shoes that have been worn by a complete stranger. It comes down to own personal beliefs if you feel comfortable in swapping clothes and shoes then do it by all means. If you are confused then just remember you don’t wear them the second you get your hands on them you wash them thoroughly first or give to the dry cleaners.


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