Coupons Are For Everyone

Well not everyone may be. There is a 0.0002% population that consumes food only grown by them and uses tree bark to clean their teeth. So if you are one of them you can be pardoned.

But if not, I can quote here and reply every single excuse you can possibly think of for not using coupons. So here comes a list of usually said and used justifications I’ve heard over a good period by now.  Now is the time for me to try to clear your head of misconceptions and for you to give coupons a try.

Why buy junk food?

Not all coupons offer just junk or processed food. You can regularly find coupons offered for fresh produce, flour and milk as far as food items are concerned. Other regularly needed and bought items include toilet paper, shaving razors, tooth brushes, bulbs etc.

So chances are high that you’ll find coupons for number of items that you buy as every day needs. And as you’ll begin using coupons you’ll realize how awesome it is to get something at a much lower paid price than usual, all at the expense of finding and keeping a coupon.

If you try to incorporate coupon habit into your everyday life, like any other field you’ll develop proficiency in it too and you’ll find it easy to discover deals that give you something extra. If in case that extra is not your personal or your family’s choice you can give it away as donation or depending upon the item’s nature think of some other good use of it.

I did try but instead spent more than usual

Well there is a wrong and a right way to make use of coupons.

The wrong way is to gather coupons and use them all up on you trip to the store. Because what you do there is you buy expensive (or not expensive) things that you neither needed nor generally use so the whole point of saving money goes out of the window the very moment.

The right way might be slow but it definitely saves you money. The idea is to gather the coupons and then wait until either they hit the very low price limit and then use the coupon for it so you literally have to pennies for it or wait until you really need it.

I find it hard to take out time for coupon clipping practice

Well generally if we want to try something new we almost always have to forcibly carve out time for it. That is today’s lifestyle and it is very busy. So here is the math I did to find out how much time I spend on my couponing habit and how much is it worth. Upon my calculation when I spent an hour looking for and cutting out coupons it saved me somewhere around £30 to £50. To me it’s worth it for an hour of work.

You will not become a pro from the day one but with a little bit of patience and practice and you’ll find your own little tips and tricks that work for you while saving you good money.


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