Feeling lonely as a single parent? Here are some good tips on how to socialize!

Being a single parent is often associated with difficulties related to economic issues, being able to provide for your kid, being able to play both roles for him or even being able to follow all the hobbies and wishes they have.

Apparently, no one thinks of how this is also hard for the social part of the single parent’s life. You don’t have the other one to talk to while you take the Sunday walk; there is no other adult with you on your weekends out in the park. It seems sad…and it actually sometimes is. But luckily, there are so many things you can do to socialize with other single parent go out with them or even take vacations together.


Here are some useful links that can help you organize some fun times together with other single parents or even go in vacations with them:

  1. Visit Acorn Adventure to discover lots of low-cost holidays created for adventurous ones that include so many activities like different kinds of sports.
  2. Take a look at Single Parent Travel Club created not to make profits but to create a common place where single parents can meet and have some great time with other single parents. In fact, the membership fee is only £20 and once you become a member of the club, you can immediately get in touch with other club members that are looking forward to organize vacations together. Vacations are organized from the club and they include a wide range of activities for every kind of preferences.
  3. Another good option is to look at the services of Single Parents on Holiday that organize vacations in different countries taking care of choosing child friendly hotels and activities that can be enjoyed with the kids. Also, for a better relaxation time for the parents, the activities include some alone time in SPA, hiking, biking or other activities that can be made while children are left at the playground under supervision.
  4. Mango is also another holiday organizing agency for single parents. The founders are also singe parents and they understand perfectly well the needs of other single parents. They have brought this knowledge to use by creating a unique service that include activities such as skiing or climbing in groups as well as sunny vacations on the beach.

5.If you are looking for quiet small hotels where to reside for your vacations, you will find it through Small Families. The coordinators usually find family run hotels, nothing fancy but still very welcoming and especially with lots of spaces for children like playgrounds, gardens etc.

Nevertheless, even if you book your hotels directly from tour operators, do not forget to ask whether they have special programs or activities for single parents. This way, you can either fly or reside together with them and have even your kids play together.

  1. Single with Kids. Here, they organize simple yet fun trip that start from even less than £10 and aim to bring together large groups of single parents that can socialize and have fun together.



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