Legit Methods to Earn Money from Your Smartphone

Nowadays smartphones have become one of the necessities. Do you spend hours on your phone
wasting your time? Do you know that you could earn from your phone? Your phone can bring many
earning opportunities to you. There are many ways to earn from your smartphone. The mobile apps
serves as the medium here and it could make your earning process much simpler and easier. Most of the
people have numbers of apps that they use for entertainment purpose but they do not know about the
apps from which they could make money. So today I have come up with a list of some apps that you
could use to make money. So starting from the 1st ,


Do you often visit grocery stores to buy grocery? I am sure you would because it is one of the important
daily routine tasks. Ibotta is an app that will help you to earn by visiting stores. You would earn cash
backs on nearly most of the store brands. There are in-app offers in the app that you have to activate
and you have to scan the grocery receipt. Another benefit of this app is that you can use this app to get
discount on Target and Walmart too. This app drop out the concept of paper coupons and makes it easy
for you to get discounts from your phone. You could be paid via gift cards, Venmo or PayPal.


Rakuten is another app that you can use to earn some extra cash in the form of cash backs. This is one of
the famous apps and their cash back percentage is much higher than any other that is 40%. Rakuten is a
website but you can use their app to get discounts and cash back. One of the best thing about Rakuten is
that you could earn special bonus on selected retailers. On Rakuten when you make your first purchase
worth $25 you get a bonus cash back of $10. You could be paid via a gift card or you could ask for PayPal


Do you often visit the grocery store or you are the persons who visits many stores to find the best deal?
If you are then you can use your smartphone and earn cash for that. Yes you read it write that you could
earn for only visiting stores. This is one of my favorite app because you do not need a purchase to earn
points. To take a start with this app you need to download their app and allow the application to know
your location. Shopkick will let you know about the stores and offers near you. You can earn more by
scanning barcodes of products at the stores. You would earn points for scanning barcodes and visiting
stores or you can earn cashbacks by activating in app offers. You can redeem your points in to gift cards
or cash. So that is a lot of savings at one time from your smartphone.

4-Nielson Digital Voice

With this site you have to do nothing special just to use your mobile like you do in your normal routine
and you would earn for that. Is not it is good deal? Nielson Digital Voice determines how much people
use their phone on average and what they do. They would gauge that how much time you spend on
making calls, texting, surfing the internet or using the downloaded apps. So to earn some cash prizes
take a start and join Nielson Digital Voice so they could determine your mobile usage.

5-National Consumer Panel

National Consumer Panel is a project that pays people for sharing their shopping history. You can use
their app from your smartphone to scan your receipt. The process is very simple and will take only an
hour in a week and all you have to do is that you will have to share your shopping activities of the entire
week. You would have to tell what you bought, its cost and place where you bought. For that you would
also have to scan your receipt. You would earn points for the activities you do on National Consumer
Panel and you could redeem them in to gift card, prizes or cash. To boost your income and to get bonus
on this website you have to stay an active member and share your shopping activities on weekly basis.


Are you one of them who have enough time to watch TV shows? If yes then watching your favorite
shows on your phone can become a source of income for you. Viggle is an app that pays people for
watching their favorite shows and pays them for every minute they spend. There are some shows that
can give you bonus points for 10 minutes of watching. To get started you have to download their app
available in both iOs and android version. Then you can connect Viggle with the apps like Amazon,
Netflix, Hulu or any other app on which you watch your TV shows. You can also watch shows on the live
TV and earn. To boost your income stream there is an in-app quiz competition which you can take part
in. The points you earn on Viggle can be redeemed in to cash, gift cards, or prepaid debit cards.

7-App Nana

Being a smartphone user you always look for new apps that you can use but do you know that there is
an app that will pay you for this? Yes it exists. App Nana is an app that will pay you for downloading and
using new apps. The basic the idea of this app is to test new apps and app developers need feedbacks to
make their app more user friendly so they use App Nana for that. So here you will be able to get new
apps before they get famous. For the tests and downloads you do on App Nana you are rewarded with
points that can be further redeemed in to gift cards.

8-Music Xray

Do you often use your phone to listen to new songs? If you are doing this for free then you should take a
break because there are apps that will pay you for listening to new songs and rating them. You just have

to download the app named Music Xray and in the application process you can list your favorite bands
so that you could get your favorite music. This is one of the best way to discover new apps and music.
For every song you listen on Music Xray you would get 10 cents. So instead of listening music from your
smartphone for free you should use this site and earn.

9- Qmee

Qmee is another app that you can use on your smartphone to get paid for and you do not have to do
anything extra ordinary in this regard. All you have to do is to download their app and use your favorite
search engine for searching. Qmee will double up the search results and will list up some results that
you may be interested in. To earn additional points from Qmee you can take surveys, watch videos or
you can redeem digital coupons. Qmee is one of the best method to earn from your smartphone and
another benefit that comes with Qmee is that you can get your payment whenever you want that
means there is no minimum limit of Qmee to get paid for.

10- Slidejoy

Another way to earn from your smartphone is Slidejoy. You do not have to do anything extra-ordinary
on Sidejoy. This is an app that will put ads on your lock screen and whenever you will unlock your screen
you will get points for that. The earning does not depend upon that if you further proceed the ad or not
you just have to watch an ad. According to their website the average person spend 10 minutes per day
on their site and that is not a big time, you could easily manage that in a day. So spending 10 minutes a
day on Slidejoy for gift cards is not a bad deal as you can redeem your points in to gift cards.

11- Cash Crate

Cash Crate is another option to earn from your mobile. This is one of the get paid to websites but you
can access their mobile app. You can earn points on Cash Crate from different activities like playing
games, watching videos or taking surveys. To boost your earning potentials you can do online shopping
from Cash Crate. You can also earn points from your friend’s activities if they have joined Cash Crate on
your referral. Another method to earn points is to interact with other members. You can redeem your
points in to PayPal cash or gift cards that you can use on famous retailers.

So these were some of the pickups from the methods from which you can earn some good amount of
cash. You should not limit your smartphone only for texting and browsing but you should make this as
an income source.
Share your comments and feelings with us. Have a good day!

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