Methods to Earn Fast Cash Today

Many a times you are stuck in a situation where you need some fast cash. Now a days there are
hundreds of methods to earn fast cash and on the internet you can get much more methods but some
of them are scams and you won’t be able to get fast cash. So, here I am writing this article for people
like you who are in need of cash so they could earn in legit ways. I have come up with ideas that will
help you out to earn you fast cash and it is up to you to choose what idea you will be working on
according to your convenience. So starting with the 1 st idea,


This is a place for you where you can sell your old stuff like DVDs, cell phones, CDs, games, books and
LEGOs. So if you have anything in stock or free that you do not use and you are in need of money so
Decluttr can help you here by buying your these things in some easy steps and will pay you some fast
cash. Decluttr is a very user friendly website and the process of selling your products is that you will scan
or enter the barcodes of the products you want to sell. Decluttr will tell you how much will they pay you
the product and if you accept their offer they will send you a free shipping label. Then you will have to
pack your product in that box and drop it off to the nearest shipping store. Decluttr will pay you with in
a day as they will receive and inspect your products. So Decluttr can be termed as a much better site
than Amazon or eBay in terms of selling products and on Declutttr there is no selling fee or listing

2- Surveys

Another method to make some fast cash is to fill up survey forms. There are many online sites that will
provide you the opportunity of earning from filling up survey forms. One of the best site to earn by
filling up survey forms is Survey Junkie. It is a legit site and it has a trust pilot rating of 4.5 out of 5.
Survey Junkie provides you one of the easiest way to earn you cash. They ask you about your opinion on
different topics and you can fill up your survey forms in your convenience time. Like you can fill up these
forms while watching TV or travelling in a bus. For every survey form you fill up you will get points and
after reaching a certain limit of points you can redeem them in to gift cards or you can redeem you
points in to PayPal cash. You can join Survey Junkie if you are 13 years old or above that. This site can be
a great side hustle for you.

3- Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another famous website that will pay you for doing the things that you usually do every
other day. You can earn money for watching videos online, playing online games, surfing through the
internet, taking surveys and you can even earn cash for shopping online. You will earn points for every

task you will do on Swagbucks. You can even earn points for voting in polls. This site like Survey Junkie
would not make you rich but this can be a good side hustle to earn you some dollars. To get your cash
you will have to reach a certain limit of points and then you can redeem your these points in to gift
cards, vouchers or PayPal cash. You can get $10 cash reward if you signup right now.


Airbnb is an app used by millions of people around the world to find a cheap places to live while they
travel. So if you have a free space in your house like a bed, room or even a couch you can rent it out on
Airbnb. Airbnb is mostly used by people who are looking to save money on hotel rents as most of the
hotels charge a lot of money and on Airbnb you will be going to live in someone’s house so the rents are
definitely much less as compared to a hotel. To earn through Airbnb you will have to post an ad of the
space you are going to rent out and that ad will be seen by hundreds of people around the globe. The
amount you will earn depends upon some factors like the area you are living in and the number of
facilities you are going to provide to the user. So Airbnb can also be termed as a good way to earn some
fast cash and you can earn more in the peak time like holidays and festivals etc.

5- Delivery service

Another method to earn some fast cash is delivering products to people’s home or office. There are
some online apps that help you to get work. Postmates is an app on which you will have to deliver
meals, liquor orders and grocery. If you want to earn a $100 you will have to work 4 hours on
Postmates. Postmates is a famous app which is always looking for new people to work and you would
always find work here. Another famous app is InstaCart where you will have to deliver grocery items. To
earn more on InstaCart you should be fast and accurate and make sure you pick all the items as said by
your client and always remember to deliver with a smile so that you could earn more. You can also earn
tips on these websites that are completely yours. The amount you can earn in an hour depends upon
the app you are working on.


Driving people around can be a good option to earn some fast cash. If you have a vehicle that you can
use to drop people then you can earn fast cash. There are apps like Lyft and Uber that you can use to
drive people around. After full filling some of the requirements you can join these apps. Lyft and Uber
are mostly preferred by people as they are cheap than the traditional taxi services, they are easy to use
and safe. When you are a registered driver you will have to use their app so that you could get people to
drop off. When you will get online on their app you will be notified whenever a persons need a ride.
After you drop them off you will be paid directly by cash or through app. You can also earn tips if you
provide good service. On these apps you can work when you are free and there is no restriction to work.
So Uber and Lyft can also be termed as a good option to earn fast cash.

7- Baby sitting or pet sitting

A very easy way to earn money is baby sitting or pet sitting. You will be paid on the same day as you will
finish the job. To get work you can post an ad in your town or ask you friends and neighbors if they need
any kind of service. Baby sitter or pet sitter charge differently and on average a baby sitter can earn $10
for an hour for a child and you can charge more if you are babysitting more than one baby. There is a
site named as which you can use to find to people who need baby sitters and pet sitters
around you and you can easily earn fast cash through this.

8- Fiverr

Fiverr is a site on which you can find short task for people and get paid. Fiverr is a freelancing website on
which you can get small tasks to do like someone needs you to write poetry or asks you to design a
picture. You will be paid minimum of $5 for the task you do on Fiverr. To get work here you will have to
make a profile on Fiverr and you search for jobs that people have posted. You can charge more for the
tasks you do if you have a good profile. So Fiverr can also be a good option for making money fast.


Upwork is an app similar to Fiverr where you can get paid by doing small tasks. If you are a specialist in
doing a certain type of work like graphic designing, virtual assistance, web development, writing articles
or jobs like that then you can easily get work and earn a good amount of money very fast. People and
businesses around the world need freelancers to work for them and get their job done in cheap amount.
So to earn on Upwork you will have to make a profile and put up your specialties and then you can apply
for the jobs. You will be paid according to the nature of the task you are doing and the tasks are to be
done in a certain limit of time so you can also term Upwork as a way to earn fast cash as you would be
paid as you finish the work.

So these were some of the pickup ideas that will help you to earn some fast cash. Make sure you use
these ideas to get some earning. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your
experience of earning money from these sites and ways. Best of luck and have a good day!

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