Ben's 6 Point Plan

  • Champion Local NHS Services

    Championing Local NHS Services - so they deliver a high standard of care for local residents.Having worked with the NHS for several years and having a disabled mother, Ben strongly believes in the NHS and its values and is committed towards driving up standards of care in the local area.

  • Stop Bath Stalling

    Stopping Bath Stalling - improving Bath's transport network to reduce congestion and increase air quality.Ben has been working hard to improve the local road network including working for a new junction on the M4 and, of course, lobbying for a badly-needed A36/46 link road.

  • Back Small Business

    Back Small Business - support local shops and lobby government to reduce red tape and small business rates.As part of backing local small businesses, Ben has showcased their work in Westminster, including those from tech and food sectors. 

  • Boost Bath's Talent

    Boost Bath's Talent - ensure excellent local education and encourage more young people and skilled inidividuals to stay in Bath.Ben has done a great deal in all of Bath's education sectors, with primary schools, secondary schools and further and higher education. Ben has firsthand experience of the education sector, serving as a Governor of Bath Studio School.