Tips and Tricks to Expand Your Business

If you are a beginner in your business and are looking to expand your business and you want to step in
the world of self-employment and you are trying to make a company where you can hire people to work
and get a lot of money. Then this article has much for you today I will tell you about some apps,
websites and other tricks to expand your business these tools will help you to grow your business to a
higher level and will help you in many different ways. These tools will let you informed and you will be
able to do best investments that will pay you off well. These tools will also change the way you work and
it will automate many of your daily routine jobs. So starting from the 1 st ,


Hurdlr is an all in one business app that is helping its user since 2011. This all in one app helps you to
track your payments, your expenses, your incomes and outgoings and your taxes. This app will help you
to get an estimate of your tax, it will help you to track your expenses and will keep you informed about
at what stage you are and how much you have spent at any time. It is most famous for its tax estimates
as it helps you to save on tax payments. You can also connect your account of Hurdlr with apps live
Upwork, Uber, Stripe and FreshBooks. You can also link your credit card with this app and you can track
all purchases made from credit card.

2- Wilnau Design

To promote your business, internet is a big tool. Many freelancers and companies in the start make a
website with free themes. These themes can be a good option for you website and can give an elegant
look but you can change your settings and text after a number of times. So to overcome this Wilnau
Design is a company that will help you to design your own websites in a way that will attract the user to
the maximum extent. The company holds a very good reputation in the market and has a very good
costumer record.

3- Hiscox Business Insurance

If you are running a company of people who are your employs or you have contract workers then your
company needs a little insurance to keep it a little safer. You can look for the best policy around and
search for it but in my opinion Hiscox small business insurance is the best option to look for. As it will
link you with an insurance broker that will help you to get you the best price for your insurance coverage
in some easy and simple steps by multiple service providers.

4- Keeper Tax

Keeper Tax is termed as one of the best tax estimation tools. This app helps you to track your business
spending you can estimate your tax expenses in minutes as soon as you put the required details. You can
also track your personal credit card spending. You can also hire keeper Tax to maintain your business tax
file for $89 a year. Keeper tax will handle all kind of your tax files so that there is no burden on you.
This facility of Keeper tax makes it the most famous and effective tool for business as it will track down
your business expenses and it will file your business tax too.


Bestow is also another term life insurance policy provide. One thing you must do while you are working
is that you must get a term life insurance policy that is not associated with your company of job because
if you have to quit a job or change your job you would have to leave that policy too so to overcome this
and to stay safe from further difficulties you should buy a term life insurance policy that is not
associated with your company of job. Because if you get in a situation where you have kids and
mortgage on your shoulders to pay then this could become a headache situation for you.

6- Breeze

One thing that many people overlook while going for a life insurance policy is that most people have
term life insurance but they do not get disability life insurance policy. To overcome this Breeze offers
you a policy that helps you while you are involved in an accident or you are unable to work in a regular
job. You can take a start by only $9 per month. The process of getting policy is very easy and only takes
15 minutes and you can easily get your quote within seconds from their website.

7- MailChimp

After getting your business online the next tool you will need is that you will have to mail your followers
regularly about your products, their details and other offers. So for this Mail Chimp is the best tool that
will help you mail your followers. You can use it for free if you have less than two thousand followers but
once your number of follower’s increase I recommend you to shift to the premium one so that you can
enjoy more tools and can mail your subscribers easily and in a more effective way. For example in
premium options you can directly add links of your products. You can also use tools like Aweber and
Constant Contact.

8- Site Ground

To earn a good amount from your website you need to be on the page 1 of the Google’s search engine.
To get there your site should be fast and loaded instantly when a user clicks on your website. This
deficiency can hit you in two perspectives one is that the user will click the return button and will look
for another site and as there is a lot of competition you won’t be able to get back then and secondly
Google or other search engines will not put you on their 1 st page if your site is slow. So to have a fast

website is a very important step for earning. You can get many online hosting website but my
recommendation for you is Site Ground. They charge a little more than the others but they hold a good
costumer reputation. Their customer’s say that they are fast and they enjoy a better experience of
hosting even there is a lot of traffic on their website.

9- Logo Designing

A logo can represent your business in a unique way and can be a big factor in promoting your business.
Having a unique and attracting logo can help your brand to be unique and it can act as a good source of
representation. This logo designing can be an expensive task but I have a solution to this, Free Logo
services is a site that will help you to design a unique logo using their multiple tools and you can design
multiple logos and once you are happy with what you have designed only then you will have to pay for
the logo. You can get your logo design in PNG, JPEG and other formats. Another unique feature that Free
logo Service provides you is that you can order your business cards and other items that can help you to
promote your business.

10- Grammarly

In all type of business you need to put a content that attracts the customers towards your product. You
could be a full time content writer or a business who need content for their product, in both of the cases
the below mentioned tool will help you a lot. If you post a content with grammatical mistake it would
put a very bad effect to the user of your website and it can cause you negative points if you are selling
something. Even a user can put your website in to scam if you have done grammatical mistakes.
Grammarly is a website that can help you to proofread your contents for free. This type of tool help you
to save a lot of your time and work. The mistakes are underlined with a red color and with a single click
you can correct your mistake.


Asana is a tool that helps you to remember the tasks that were assigned to you and if you are a team
leader it will help you to remember what tasks you assigned to your team members and how much time
is left for it. By this tool you would never get out of time for your tasks because it will help you to
remember every deadline.

12-Bussiness loan

If you want to expand your business you would need to invest more money. This could be done by some
investor or you would have to do it by taking loan from some bank. But instead of taking a loan I would
suggest you to check Street Shares here you would be able to get short term loan up to $250,000. They
have very less interest rates and can help you invest a good amount.

So here were some tools that will help you to expand your business in a good way and you can manage
it well if you use these tools. Although some of them pay for the services but these payments can help
you earn dollars. Do Comment in the comment section below and share your experiences of how you
expanded your business and what type of journey was it for you!
Have a good Day!

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