Tips to Make your Life Simpler and Easier in 2020

Life comes with new challenges every year and it is not easy to manage all the things at the same time
with an open heart. It could be very challenging to manage our financial life with all other matters of life
at the same time because a person is always planning and working for something that could give him
relief like with your normal routine expenses you would be saving for an emergency fund or a vacation
or you could be saving to retire earlier. This could be very difficult to manage all this at the same time.
Other than these problems people are living with other issues like problems in their spending, not happy
with their jobs or they are in debt. When these kind of situation occurs it is difficult to keep yourself
relaxed and you get in to depression. You get unsatisfied with your life and want to leave everything.
This can be reduced by focusing on controlling yourself and trying to keep your life simple and avoiding
unnecessary actions. By making your life simpler you will be able to keep yourself mentally and
physically fit and you will have time for the things that matter the most and for yourself too. It may
sound a bit difficult because if you are surrounded by problems like this you would hardly get the time
to think about an easy life. So to solve your problem I have come up with this article. I will discuss about
some tips or ideas that will help you to make your life simpler and easier.
Let us start from the 1st ,

1- Manage Your Time on Social Media
Social media is a source of information but spending more time on social media can cause many
problems. Take a break and calculate how much time you spend on social media every day. Let me share
an interesting stat with you an average spends 5 hours on social media that means they spend 5 hours
on sites like Instagram, Facebook and twitter etc. This 5 hours could be explained in such a way that they
use these social sites while travelling in a bus, eating a meal or standing in a line. I am sure you would be
guilty about the extra time you spend on the social media because using it for a longer period of time is
unproductive. Excess to anything is bad always and using social media can cause you to get negative
thoughts, you will start comparing your life with others that can also cause stress. So to avoid that make
a specific time to use the social media to interact with friends and family and do not use it every time. In
spite of that sit back and think about making your life better. This little step will make your life a bit
simpler and easier.

2-Spend Less Time on Watching TV
Another cut off that you need to make in your life to make it simpler is avoiding TV. You will be amazed
to know that an average person spends 35 hours in a week on watching TV. Watching TV is never a
productive activity so you should try to spend as less time as you can and try to spend you this time in
side hustles to earn money or with your friends and family making yourself comfortable. Cutting off TV
completely will benefit in you two ways, one is that you will save on Cable TV expenses and it will also

make yourself more comfortable. So avoiding or skipping the TV completely could help you to live a
simpler and easier life.

3- Manage Your Life
Another way to make your life simpler and easier is to manage your life well. By this I mean to say that
you should manage everything in a proper way, you should put your things in the right place, you should
manage your money right or your dress should be in the right place because if you are living an
unorganized life it can cause stress, late fees, lost items and depression etc. Do you know how much an
average person wastes due to an unorganized life? Let me share with you an interesting stat, 12 days
are wasted by an average person in a year to find the lost things. Another interesting stat reveals that an
office worker spend 1.5 hours for finding the things in a day. Another interesting stat reveals that the
percentage of people who can’t pay their bills on time because they can’t find the bills is 23%. I am sure
these stats would have amazed you and you will be thinking about managing your life well. You can save
an hour in a day if you place your items on the right place and manage things in a planned way. This
little step will help you to achieve another step towards a simpler life.

4-Manage your Finance
As like the other physical and mental issues, financial issue is also very important to address. Many a
time you come across situations where you are managing many accounts at the same time and have to
manage your cash so that you do not get in to debt. Now a days it much easier to manage your financial
life more effectively and easily by an app named Personal Capital. On Personal Capital you could manage
all your savings account, credit cards, loans, checking account and mortgage etc on a single platform.
You could do all this for free and in very simple steps. You can also check your net worth on Personal

5- Try to be Debt Free
One of the biggest problem of an average person is debt. If you have to pay debt then your financial
picture cannot get stable easily. I am sure you know the value of being debt free because if you do not
have any debt you could easily live and manage your budget as you can. One of the biggest problems in
finance is debt and it can take a big space in your spending. So paying off the debt should be your first
priority and as you will pay off the debt it would free up a big portion of your spending and will help you
to be relaxed. You will be able to save more money so taking this step is very necessary to live a simpler
and easier life.

6-Stop Multi-tasking
Multi-tasking is another big factor that can cause stress. Multi-tasking is not a good option every time as
you have to move back and forth to from one task to the other. Multi-tasking also takes a lot of mental
and physical energy at the same time. This can cause fatigue and a lot of mental stress as you cannot do

one task properly and by that you become unproductive and depressed. So to avoid stress you should go
for one task at a time. Take a break and think about what are your strengths and weaknesses and then
decide for yourself that if multi-tasking is suitable for you or not. There are tasks you can do while doing
other tasks but for most of the cases you cannot do that so you should be looking for a single task at a
time because that will give you more relief and will make your life easier.

7- Save Time While Getting Ready
Another thing that most of the people do is that they waste time every morning while deciding what to
wear. This is one of the thing that can take too much time and cause your start of the day annoying and
it can end up with a bad day. So to make your life simpler and easier you should try to spend less time as
possible to get ready. If you have too many clothes in the wardrobe then the first thing you would be
doing is to lose them and pick some dress that you would wear for your office and make it a routine to
wear a specific dress for a day. Another way to make it simpler is that you should take shirts with a same
color so that you do not have to stand against the mirror to decide everyday what to wear. These simple
steps could help you to start your day simply and it could make your day easier.

8- Wake Up before your Usual Time
This is one of the way that can bring in a lot of mental peace for you. When you wake up early it helps
you to manage your all day. You could do little tasks such as cleaning the mess, organizing things for
office or your day or answering the emails. By this you would not get any stress in the day. You can just
wake up in the morning a 20 to 30 minutes earlier and plan your day which can bring in a lot of peace to
your mind. So once again a little step could make your life easier and simpler.

So these were some of the tips to make your life easier and simple in this year. I am sure every tip will
help you to manage your life better and you will be able to become a happier person. Do comment in
the comment section below and share how motivated are you after reading this article?
Have a good day!

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