Top Legit Sites to Watch Free Movies this Year

Sometimes we want to watch a movie but do not want to go the cinema or you are unable to find the
movie on your service provider like Netflix etc. If this has been a case with you, then it is possible for you
to find some of the best alternatives to watch movies for free. As there are a number of websites from
which we can choose, so I will choose the best and the legit ones’ so that you do not have to waste time
on sign ups and you could watch movies on the go.
So let’s talk about the 1 st site,

1- Tubi TV

With more than 7 thousand movies to watch, Tubi TV is one of the places to watch free movies without
any problem. Tubi TV is accessible from all the devices that you might have. The site has movies from
different categorizes and you can easily access them as Tubi TV has one of the user-friendly website.
There are movies from the classics till the very day. As I said Tubi has a big collection of movies that is
more than any other sites in the competition and one of the best thing about Tubi is that you can also
enable subtitles in a number of movies. If you want to access Tubi TV on your smart phone, you can
download their free android and iOS operating system app. The site is absolutely free to access but you
will have to go through with the ads but they are still less as compared to the others.

2- Crackle

Another top site to watch free movies this year is Crackle. Crackle is free and you can have access to a
number of movies at any time. You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Crackle. There are
is a big number of movies that you can watch and these movies can be from the classics collection or
could be the newer ones. This site has different video playing options with a very good video quality for
all the movies. If you want to access this site on your mobile, you can download their mobile app that is
available for both android and iOS operating systems. The only drawback of the site is that you will have
to face a number of ads on this site. So it could be annoying at times otherwise it is one of the best place
to watch free movies.

3- Pluto TV

Pluto TV is not only a website to watch free movies but it is a great alternative to cable TV and you can
use to watch 75 different channels on the internet. On Pluto TV, you can watch channels for live TV,
internet videos, shows and the most important thing movies. To watch movies on Pluto TV, you will
have to make an account on their website but if you only want to watch live TV you can do that without
becoming a member. This site is totally free and you have access to a number of shows and movies for
nothing but if you want to watch some specific channels than you will have to pay for it otherwise it is

On Pluto TV, you can watch live shows and movies or you can watch them according to the time you
want. One of the best thing about Pluto is that is pretty same like the cable TV and it provides you all the
facilities that a cable TV does. A drawback of this site is that you can watch a movie live again if it is
streamed live once.
You can access Pluto TV on the devices like computer, TV or your smartphone because Pluto also have
an android and iOS app that you can access for free.

4- YouTube

YouTube is the most famous and largest video sharing platform that is used around the world. You can
use YouTube to watch free movies, TV shows, sports shows, news and many more. You can watch
movies of every type, movies from the classic collection to the most new ones. There is sometimes a
copyright issue for most of the illegal movies and they are removed so if you find any watch it quickly
before it is removed. Another best part of YouTube is that you can watch good quality movies here.
Most of the movies are legally posted here and they are of the best quality that you can watch on your
computer or your smartphone through an app.
If you are ready to spend some money, you can watch some of the new movies for only $2 in the theater
mood. These movies are not available in the free version.

5- Retrovision

If you are a big fan of classic movies then Retrovision is the best place for you. You can watch from any
category of movies from the classic stores while you can also watch classic TV shows. One of the
benefits of the site is that it has a very user friendly platform that could help you to find your favorite
movies in seconds. You can access Retrovison from your computer or android device as they also have
an android app. If you use Retrovision, then you must be aware of that you won’t get any subtitles and
there are more movies from the classic section so it means that the video quality will be low. Sometimes
the movies are broken in to several parts. Other than these drawbacks it is one of the easiest and free
platform to watch classic movies.

6- Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another free site that could be used this year to watch free movies on the go. There are
movies from the most classic collections to the one of the modern collections of movies and you can
have access to more than 1500 movies at a single time. Popcornflix can be easily accessed from Amazon,
Xbob, Apple TV, Roku and other devices. This site also has a streaming option for kids that they can
access. When we talk about its movie options, they are the one of the best as you can watch movies in a
larger video player than others while you can make GIFs from them too and if you want someone to
watch a specific part you can comment at the specific part of the movie.

7- Internet Movie Archive

Internet Movie Archive is one of the way to watch movies for free. Unlike other apps, you can only
watch old movies here, you would not get any new movie here but you can watch old and new TV shows
here frequently. You can also have access to watch free short movies and trailers of new movies. One of
the best feature of this site is that you can download the movies you want to watch. This type of option
is rare in the other movies sites. This site also has a friendly user interface that means you can easily
access to movies by their date, type, and creator. Although this site has big variety of films but all the
films are old as I said earlier. One of the thing to be kept in mind while using this site is that you should
not allow your kids to use this site as it contains a lot of adult films and nude scenes. Another drawback
of this site is that it does not have an app so you can’t access it from your smartphone easily.

8- Free Movie Cinema

One of the places to watch tons of free movies is Free Movie Cinema. The movies that are on this site
are of different genres like horror, fantasy, action, documentary and drama etc. All type of small and big
budget movies are available on this public domain website. One of the best thing about Free Movie
Cinema is that it does not have ads in most of the movies and this site has one of the best mixtures of
newer and classic movies. Movies are of good quality on this site but all the movies do not play on the
same type of movie player. Free Movie Cinema does not have an app so it difficult to access it from a

9- Kanopy

With more than 30 thousand movies, Kanopy is another site to watch free movies on the go. This site
has many benefits like it does not have any ads in between the movies and it is all free with a library
card. There are a big number of movies and videos available here and there is a new addition of movies
constantly on this site. Make sure you have a local library card that supports it so that you can easily
access to the number of these movies available here.

So these are some of the top legit sites that you can use to watch movies for free. These sites are legit
and I have personally used them for a number of time. Now it is up to you to not spend money on the
movies now and have your entertainment for free that will help you save a hundred of dollars every
month. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of using these free
movie websites.

Have a good day!

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